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    IoT ESP8266, ESP32 and Arduino book.

    Fundamentals of programming

    applications and web servers in

    C/C++, MicroPython and Lua on

    ESP8266, ESP32 and Arduino

    IoT devices.

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    PHP 8 and SQL book.

    Learn the basics of PHP and SQL

    and become a web developer!

    PHP 8 and SQL

    Programming for

    beginners in 43 lessons!

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    IoT Onion Omega2 book.

    Internet of Things with

    Onion Omega2


    Learn how to create

    Internet of Things evice projects!

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    PHP 7 and SQL book.

    Learn the basics of PHP and SQL

    and become a web developer!

    PHP 7 and SQL

    Programming for

    beginners in 40 lessons!

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    Effective brand building tool
    for Google search engine

    SEO / SEM

    Integrated Pakiety SEO / SEM packages effectively
    combining various elements of Internet marketing.

I started with Sharp MZ-800 which had a Zilog Z80 processor. In my opinion it was the best 8-bit computer.

Mariusz Duka

Doctor of Engineering and Technical Sciences, electronic engineer, a graduate of economic and pedagogical studies. A programmer with 30 years of experience, he started with the assembly language on the Sharp MZ-800 computer, and for over 20 years he has been using PHP to build web projects for business purposes. Enthusiast of BSD systems and Internet of Things technology.

Author of books on designing web applications in PHP, as well as programming applications and web servers in C/C++, MicroPython and Lua on IoT devices ESP8266, ESP32, Arduino and Onion Omega2.

Entrepreneur, originator and creator of many international IT projects. Creator of the ISOWQ system (International Studies of Website Quality) and the ISOWQ Rank ranking algorithm.

In addition, a social activist, founder of the Polish organization „Silesia”, actively promotes Poland abroad.

Network services in C/C++, MicroPython and Lua on IoT ESP8266, ESP32, Arduino

My books

New Bestseller Special Offer

Internet of Things. Fundamentals of programming applications and web servers in C/C++, MicroPython and Lua on ESP8266, ESP32 and Arduino IoT devices.

The Internet of Things is an example of a concept that - unlike many other relatively young IT fields - has been more than positively validated by time and the market. Already today, the IoT is used very widely in many areas of life: from strictly hobbyist projects, to home automation, commerce and services, to smart city systems, industry and agriculture.

The Internet of Things continues to evolve - and is becoming more widespread, and this may be an incentive to learn more about it. The book „Internet of Things. Fundamentals of Programming Applications and Web Servers in C/C++, MicroPython and Lua on IoT devices ESP8266, ESP32 and Arduino” could prove to be a great option for starting your IoT adventure. The book comprehensively explains the specifics of the selected devices and teaches how to program them in a manner so accessible that an average computer knowledge is enough to start creating the first projects. The content is illustrated with example source codes, which definitely makes it easier to take the first steps.

Using the book:

  • you will learn about selected IoT devices,
  • familiarise yourself with programming tools,
  • learn the basics of programming languages,
  • start your own server for web applications,
  • create a web server on an IoT device
  • and even design a Minecraft server!

The Internet of Things has a great future, be a part of it!

Get „PHP 8 and SQL” now and learn more about PHP basics!

Bestseller Special Offer

PHP 8 and SQL programming for beginners, 43 lessons.

Web development in 43 easy lessons!

  • Get to know PHP 8 in practice
  • Learn how to use SQL data base
  • Develop a web application

PHP an extremely popular programming language that allows you to create websites and web applications, together with a SQL database, is the foundation of the vast majority of currently operating websites, including the largest and most famous ones. With the release of PHP 8, developers have received a number of new functions and possibilities, among which the most important seems to be the JIT mechanism, which ensures greater efficiency by running code compiled into machine form instead of the standard execution by the interpreter.

If you are interested in creating modern web applications or planning a career as a web developer, but you do not have knowledge or experience in this field yet, and you want to quickly go to specifics, read this book! It will painlessly introduce you to the arcane of PHP programming, familiarize you with its constructs and possibilities, show you how to handle SQLite and MySQL databases using SQL, and teach you how to correctly combine PHP and HTML code. You will also learn how to use the Bootstrap framework and the Smarty library to build your first website.

  • What's new in PHP 8
  • Preparation and configuration of work environment
  • Basics of PHP and methods used in code
  • Constants, variables, strings
  • Control instructions and how to use them
  • Operators and mathematical functions
  • Application of functions and loops
  • Use of table and files
  • Object oriented programming
  • Use of SQL data base
  • Use of HTML code
  • Application architecture and running it on the Web

Design, develop, run - with PHP and SQL!

Internet of Things and Omega2 with my book!

IoT Onion Omega2 computer. User’s Guide.

Internet of Things with Omega2 computer

  • Learn about the structure and operation of popular IoT driver
  • Explore the amazing opportunities offered by Omega
  • Learn how to create projects for IoT devices

Internet of Things is a slogan that appears daily not only in the science press, but also in mainstream media. We are not dealing with technical curiosity or science fiction. IoT surround us from every corner, and sometimes in a literal sense – there are more and more devices around us. Refrigerators ordering food, intelligent houses that take care of our comfort and safety, care that alert emergency services in the event of accident so that they can respond quickly. The operation of these devices is due to the development of technologies related to the Internet of Things.

They all have one thing in common: to take advantage of their functions, they must be properly controlled and communicated with the outside world. This is accomplished using integrated minicomputers, whose representative in Omega2 ― the main character of my book. Reading this book will allow wyou to learn to use them practically for your purposes. You don’t have to an engineer to start your adventure with Omega – all you need is basic knowledge of IT issues, curiosity and willingness to learn. Thanks to my book, the fascinating world of IoT will be open to you!

  • Technical parameters of Omega2
  • How to start and configure the device
  • Memory expansion and software update
  • Displaying text and graphic data
  • Reading analogue input signals
  • Control of circuits and external devices
  • Reading GPS data, network communication and Bluetooth
  • Practical application in communication and monitoring
  • Creating IoT projects and generating code for Omega

IoT from scratch? – Only with my book!

Get „PHP 7 and SQL” now and learn more about PHP basics!

Bestseller Special Offer New edition for PHP 8

PHP 7 and SQL programming for beginners, 40 lessons.

Learn more about PHP basics! Become a web developer!

  • Learn how to put PHP in practice
  • Learn how to use SQL data base
  • Create you first web project!

PHP is an interpreted scripting programming language designed to generate websites and build web applications in real time; currently used by almost 80 percent of websites. Its advantages have been recognised by companies such Google, Facebook, Yahoo! Or Wikipedia, true giants of the Internet, whose services are enjoyed by millions of users every day. The popularity of PHP is also evidenced by the number of job offers for those who know it, particularly its latest version, providing excellent possibilities for older language generations, while offering higher performance.

If you’d like know the basics of PHP 7 and learn how to create comprehensive Internet applications using this programming language, get my PHP 7 and SQL book now. Here you have programming for beginners in 40 lessons. Step by step, it introduces you to the world of creating web projects using PHP and SQL databases, presenting language structure and capabilities, good code writing practices, how to use relational database, the basics of client-server relations and information on running web projects. Most importantly, in addition to the invaluable theory part, it contains a lot of valuable exercises helping you enormously to put your PHP knowledge into practice. It also contains set of questions testing and consolidate the acquired knowledge.

  • Preparation and configuration of work environment
  • Basics of PHP and methods used in code
  • Constants, variables, strings
  • Control instructions and how to use them
  • Operators and mathematical functions
  • Application of functions and loops
  • Use of table and files
  • Object oriented programming
  • Use of SQL data base
  • Application architecture and running it on the Web

Read, Write, Repeat – Practice makes perfect!

Read, Write, Repeat ...
Remember, practice makes perfect!

My publications

From Web Catalogs to Google: A Retrospective Study of Web Search Engines Sustainable Development

This study presents a review of search engines and search engine optimization and shows how the search engine landscape relates to sustainable development. We have used a narrative review research method and described three main topics: the past and present of web catalogs and search engines; current knowledge about the dominant types of search results presented in Google search; and methods of search engine optimization. Technical elements of important website areas related to technical website auditing are discussed.

We summarize our research with several key findings on how web search engines are involved in sustainable development and offer a glimpse into the future use of web searching with the help of artificial intelligence chats and prompt engineering.

Read the publication here: https://doi.org/10.3390/su15086768

Ranking of websites created with the use of ISOWQ Rank algorithm

The purpose of this article is to present the new ISOWQ Rank ranking algorithm for the technical assessment of website quality. For evaluation purposes, the algorithm takes into account the IT technologies used on a website, compliance of the source code with the applicable standards and the structure of the text content. The paper also includes the results of comparative ranking algorithms.

Read the publication here: https://doi.org/10.35784/iapgos.898

Elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC) and Argon2 algorithm in PHP using OpenSSL and Sodium libraries

This paper presents the elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC) and Argon2 algorithm in PHP using OpenSSL and Sodium cryptographic libraries. The vital part of this thesis presents an analysis of the efficiency of elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC) and the Argon2 hashing algorithm in the Sodium library, depending on the variation of initiation parameters.

Read the publication here: https://doi.org/10.35784/iapgos.897


Fine technologies together BSD PHP SQL Perl Python C/C++

Ongoing projects

ISOWQ – International Studies of Website Quality

International Studies of Website Quality (ISOWQ) is an international research project created by Interface Poland in 2011. Its main purpose is to examine and present detailed data related to the technical quality of websites available on the global network.


The ISOWQ system analyses all 243 top-level national domains (ccTLD) reserved for dependent countries and territories, and the European .eu domain. Since the beginning of its existence, the system has already carried out over a million audits of websites.

ISOWQ is an inexhaustible source of knowledge that provides a wealth of data that can be used by companies, specialists in the IT and PR industry, as well as various types of institutions and organizations to create analyses and interpretations, estimate trends, verify the quality of websites, design new solutions, etc.

More details on ISOWQ website.

OpenAI PHP extension library

The OpenAI PHP is an extension that allows PHP developers to integrate the powerful capabilities of OpenAI into their applications. Activating the extension on the web server will allow users to quickly access the services offered by OpenAI without additional libraries in PHP.

OpenAI PHP extension is written in C++, allowing for faster execution than pure PHP code, and they can access system-level resources that may not be available through PHP alone. Activating the extension on the web server will allow users to quickly access the services offered by OpenAI.

To use the OpenAI PHP extension, you need to download a library designed for a specific version of PHP. The compiled version of the library is available for Linux and Windows. Just download the library and activate it in the php.ini file. You can also build a library from the source code available on GitHub.

ISOWQ statistics


years of research


national domains (ccTLD)


audits completed


websites studied

Real values in
the virtual world!


Interface Poland is a modern SEO and SEM agency, operating in the Internet industry since 1995. The company deals with widely understood internet marketing, starting from positioning and SEO, through Google Ads sponsored link campaigns, creating websites, applications and mobile business cards, website audits, and ending with promoting the company in social media.

The dynamic development of search engines meant that completely new possibilities of promotion on the Internet appeared, therefore, since 2002, Interface Poland has focused its attention on providing website positioning services. Years of experience influenced the gradual improvement of the offer, which is reflected, among others, in SEO / SEM packages, integrating various forms of internet marketing.

Logo Interface Poland Sp. z o.o.

Google SEO

Google's unwavering position in Poland determines that we focus on positioning in this search engine - the most popular and most trusted by Internet users. High positions in the Google website ranking also translate into the prestige of a company that gains a lot in terms of image.

SEO Marketing

The benefits of organic positioning:

  • opportunity to compete with largest companies in the industry
  • acquiring new clients
  • attracting users interested in specific products and services
  • local and national reach of advertising
  • adjusting costs to individual needs
  • image benefits
  • long lasting effects

Local positioning

Companies operating on the local market, such as car workshops, restaurants, hairdressing salons, fitness clubs, etc. can truly enjoy the so-called local positioning.

The impact of geolocation on search results is undeniable. Google knows our location and for some queries such as "Italian restaurant" or "beautician" can present adequate results even if they lack location.

Local queries are usually highly effective, i.e. there is a very high probability that a web surfer looking for a restaurant or photocopier in a particular area will quickly use the search engine prompts.

More details on Interface Poland website.

Google Ads

Advanced Google Ads campaigns allow you to quickly reach internet users interested in specific products or services. It is an ideal solution if you care about immediate effects, have a seasonal offer or are just starting your business and want to attract the first customers.

Logo Google Ads

Advantages of Google Ads:

  • precise ad targeting
  • free ad display, payment is only made for clicking the ad and going to the website
  • wide reach and easy access, opportunity to launch campaigns in selected countries within 24h
  • full control over the campaign during its duration, regarding broadcast time (time of day, days of the week), location, etc.
  • reports from the campaign enabling its current modification - changing keywords, budget and other parameters
  • ability to control expenses and optimise your budget
  • quick presence, under keywords that are considered extremely difficult in the process of organic positioning
  • no restrictions on the number of keywords included in the campaign
  • performance evaluation - easy to measure return on investment

The Google Ads advertising system is a tool widely used in the promotion of websites on the Internet; which works very well seasonally. In order to achieve a stable and long-term presence in search results, I recommend organic positioning.

More details on Interface Poland website.

Download great wallpapers for your desktop - make your time at the computer more enjoyable

Sharp MZ-800 with Z80 processor and assembly language programming

A great era of 8-bit computers

My first computer, Sharp MZ-800, was based on a Zilog three-and-a-half-hectare Z80A processor and had only 64 KB (yes, kilobytes) of RAM. To this day, I remember those emotions when the expansion of VRAM by another 16 KB caused the colour palette to be expanded from 4 to as many as 16. The computer provided a machine code editor as standard, and games and application programs were uploaded from tape cassette. The parameters of the above-mentioned Sharp MZ-800 computer in comparison with the capabilities of the Omega2 minicomputer are not too good, because it was almost 165 times slower and had more than 2000 times less RAM. But in those days memory was calculated in kilobytes, and transmission in baud rate (not to be confused with bits per second).

Here you can find more information about the Sharp MZ-800:

Sharp MZ-800 - the best 8-bit computer!

RetroShield Z80 for Arduino Mega

Programming in the Z80 processor assembler is enabled by numerous programs available on virtually all operating systems. At z80.info, you'll find lots of information about the Z80 processor architecture, many source codes, as well as emulators of 8-bit computers. You can even use a web browser and program in assembler at asm80.com.

The most fun and joy is the assembly language programming option using the Arduino Mega extension called RetroShield Z80. At 8bitforce.com you will find all the information about this extension and make a purchase.

The RetroShield Z80 extension allows the use of approximately 4 ~ 6KB RAM and 200KB ROM. You can easily run old programs, as well as the BASIC interpreter (Microsoft Basic v4.7) and Efex Monitor available here.

The original Z80 processor from Zilog

RetroShield Z80 in practice

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